Eulogy from the Future

A visit at a small Californian cemetery end of November reminded me of a technique from my Foresight Mindset book that helps you focus on your next steps. We often get swamped in our daily routines and things to do, forgetting what we actually wanted to do for a larger purpose.

Imagine yourself in 10 years from now, but in a different way. Imagine that you died and your friends and family are mourning you at your funeral, and they are saying nice and kind words about you, also listing your accomplishments and good deeds. Not all of them from your birth on, but all the ones from the last 10 years. What would you like to have them talk about you?

Write your own eulogy with a focus on the good things you will accomplish in the next 10 years. Then write an action plan and start doing from today on. And as a hint:

  • list one to three of your core values;
  • list one or two of your future accomplishments;
  • list one or two of your outstanding character traits;

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