After the Pandemic: The Future of Silicon Valley and High Tech [VIDEO]

The Corona virus pandemic shutdown is an unprecedented crisis in recent times. Around the globe economic life suddenly came to a halt, with the majority of the populations sheltering in place, while millions got infected and hundreds of thousands died. While the pandemic is still going on, we already can see first signals of what the new normal after the crisis might look like, what behaviors will have changed, and what technologies and industries will see increased interest in the coming months and years.

I gave this talk at the “Idea-to-IPO”-meetup group on May 5th, 2020, introducing the audience to potential scenarios for technologies and industries benefiting from the crisis.

Video Timeline

00:00 – Introduction to the talk
04:15 – Introduction to Foresight Mindset techniques
(signals, trends, scenario planning, futures, foresight mindset process…)
27:30 – Dive into scenarios for different industries and technology
27:40 – Robots & Autonomous Systems
33:38 – Infrastructure & Construction
37:00 – Home Office
39:43 – Office & Retail Space
43:00 – Sensors & Augmented Reality
47:50 – Retail & Contactless Payments & Controls
51:38 – Mario’s books and contact information
53:18 – Questions & Answers

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