FaceApp and the cute motorbike girl

An unassuming Twitter account featuring a pretty young lady who appeared to be a motorcycle enthusiast garnered a number of fans in Japan. She was repeatedly seen posing in front of the bike, standing in front of the sea with her motorcycle or tinkering with it in her workshop.

Until someone discovered some inconsistencies. For example, one picture showed an arm with a little too much hair, and in a mirror visible in a photo, another curious detail. The mirror image looked quite different from the young lady. Not only was the person a lot older, but also a man.

This aroused the curiosity of the local media and the identity of the motorcycle girl, who now has 19,000 followers, was revealed. It was a 50-year-old motorcyclist named Zonggu, who not only used the AI-based smartphone app FaceApp to make himself younger, but also used the “change gender” filter.

“Nobody wanted to see an old man on a motorcycle,” he told the Japanese Times. And so he started posting this alternate reality to get more likes and followers.

Ironically, it was the revelation of his identity that really went viral, with thousands even congratulating him on how well he had managed this digital transformation. It was his luscious hair in particular that caught the eye of fans.

“His hair is so luscious it’s worth the clickbait,” joked one man.

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