Vorträge / Talks

Here are more details about my upcoming talks and workshops on topics such as Silicon-Valley-Mindset, Automotive / The last driver license holder …, Digital Transformation, Foresight Mindset, Artificial Intelligence, Cyberbullying against women, and more.

If you want to book me for a talk, workshop, or project, just send me an email. But make sure to read this first: German | English.

Talks (T) & Workshops (WS)

2023Organization (Link)TopicLocationTypeAccess
12/5Donau-Uni KremsGrowth MindsetRemoteTprivate
12/13Steel EuropeAIKoblenz, DET&WSprivate
12/14KulturbüroAIGinsheim-Gustavsburg, DETpublic
2/7Club of Rome AICarnuntum, ATTpublic
2/9Grazer WechselseitigeGrowth MindsetGraz, ATWSprivate
3/14Netzwerk PassivhausAIInnsbruck, ATTpublic

Silicon Valley Delegations

  • January 13th-16th, 2024: Steel Europe
  • January 17th-19th, 2024: VIVID
  • March 18th, 2024: tempus
  • April 14th-19th, 2024: Compamedia
  • April 24th-27th, 2024: SVG Süd
  • September 19th-2th, 2024: LIMAK

Online Workshop


ARD Update Wirtschaft (October 27th, 2023) about Autonomous Vehicles


Here some Podcasts where I had the pleasure to be invited:

My own Podcast global melange.


And here some videos of my past talks, interviews and panel moderations: